10 Best Affiliate Networks to Make Money in 2020 

By  Kevin

If you are looking for how to make money with affiliate marketing, you need affiliate programs at first. Some affiliate programs require you to have a website when you submit applications,In fact if you want to start affiliate marketing,one of the best way is building your website as a blogger.So there is a question.

How do you get accepted into these programs as a new blogger?

First thing is to make sure you have at least 10 quality posts published on your site.

And the second, you must have an about me page, and a privacy policy page on your site.

These are two simple yet important things that need to be done if you want to get ACCEPTED to these programs.

of course starting affiliate marketing without a website is fine,it’s up to you.

Below are some of the highest paying affiliate programs to make money in 2019!

Alright, let’s get started.


LinkShare offers many well-known brand products, but each product must be applied for, and it is not easy to pass. So it’s suitable for experienced professional affiliate marketers.            

LinkShare contains a large number of physical products, many of which are well-known brands. Its registration process is more complicated than other advertising alliances, and it also provides you with a lot of valuable information.

Sign up for LinkShare here


Shareasale is another famous affiliate network,there  are a variety of categories to choose,includes both physical and virtual products.

The ShareASale registration process is a little more diffcult for a beginner,because your website needs to be verified,so you must have a website,and shareasale will  assess whether your website meets their standards,but once you sign up,you can apply to join many individual companies listed to start promoting.

ShareASale also offers pay per lead affiliate programs, which means you get paid when a customer takes action not limited to buy.

Sign up for ShareAsale here


Flexoffers is similar to Shareasale. A big network hosting a list of big-name brands.

Flexoffers also has some amazing cashback programs like Topcashback, which is great if you blog about food or frugal living.

An additional way to make more with Flexoffers is their Refer-a-friend program. You can earn 50% revenue from the income of those you refer. A great way to generate a passive income each month.

sign up for FlexOffers here.


Clickbank is a very quick and easy affiliate network,ClickBank is also one of the  largest affiliate network which focus on digital products.

When you sign up on clickbank,you will be surprised how simple it is, just create your affiliate account and your unique affiliate links for a vast pool of digital products without registration, and you start to drive traffic and make money.Clickbank offers hign commissions,50% –75% is in common,and you can sell in most countries.

But the biggest problem you must know is  the vast amount of valueless junk being peddled,be careful when you choose digital products.and prepare for lots of competition on popular products.

sign up for Clickbank here


A digital product affiliate network similar to Clickbank. Jvzoo is also an affiliate network based on digital virtual products. it has clear website navigation, and can browse the products that can be promoted without registration.

I think Jvzoo encourage affiliate marketers to promote products with email marketing.

sign up for JVZoo here.

6.Market Health

Market health is a good option for friends promoting health products, and it is also friendly to beginners.There is a large number of physical health products, including weight loss, male health, cosmetics, beauty, skin care, sports nutrition。If your niche is health marketing,you don’t want to miss Market Health.

The registration process for Market Health is very simple. You can sort and filter products by product category, product function or country,and you can make a good commision.

But there are only physical health products,and there’s no clear indication of what products are hot.

sign up Market Health here.

7.Amzon associates

Many people including me shop on Amazon ,Amazon has a good reputation, everyone knows it is a website with good reputation, and it is more secure to buy on it ,and you have a high chance of making money with this program based on your niche.

But the biggest drawback of Amazon is that it has less commission, it has to have enough traffic, and it can get higher income through a large number of sales.

sign up for Amzon associates here.

8.CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate provides a lot of practical statistics, and contains various types of products for us to choose. Before promoting CJ products, the approval of merchants must be passed. Compared with other affiliate network, it takes a little longer. If you are a professional affiliate marketer, the approval is easy to pass.

There are both physical and digital products on CJ Affiliate,but you have to wait for a period of time for each product to be approved.

sign up CJ Affiliate here.

9.GlobalWide Media

A large network with multiple offerings, GlobalWide Media (which acquired the affiliate network NeverBlue in 2012) are known for “quality, accountability, reach and great people.”  It can be tricky to get accepted as they have a robust signup procedure but once in, they have proactive account managers to assist in getting you set up.

But if you are beginner,you’d better increase your traffic at first.

sign up globalwide media here.


If you have done e-commerce,you must hear of clickfunnel,Clickfunnel is not only a famous sale funnel but also an affiliate program.

You can earning commissions by promoting clickfunnels,and enrolled into their “Dream Car” contest

sign up for Clickfunnel affiliate here 

Well these are 10 best affiliate programs discussed in the post.Choosing the good affiliate network is just a beginning,if you want to learn more about  how to make money online,please collect my blog.


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