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Welcome to wealthyroute online blueprint,What I’m going to be showing you is something I discovered and it’s proven the test of time, The best part? I didn’t have to create my own product or even have a product at all.

Before we go any further, I want to thank you for being here, I know time is precious so I’m going to make this worth your time. 

Keep reading because I want to show you how I went from not knowing anything to having an online business that generates online income every single month.

What’s more important is I want to help you do the same.


By explaining this to you in the best way possible so you actually understand how this works. I hate complicated explanations, and I know how it feels to not understand something.

After completing all the Free Courses of mine, you’ll understand exactly how to start a business online and make money.

Let’s get into the Simple 3 Step Blueprint that I use to generate a full income online.

The Online Blueprint That Changed My Life.

Who am l?

Hey, I’m Kevin Arends and I’ve been making money online for serval years now. In fact, it’s now my full time job.

I wasn’t always working online, I used to have an office clerk job where I would work huge hours every single day, but l find l still not having enough money to pay my bills,and l find most workers around me are in debt like me, l know if l still work as an employer, my life won’t change in the future. 

So l am tired of working for my boss, l want to start my business that’ll let me quit 9-5 job!

I want out and all the research I was doing kept leading back to the same thing.

If I wanted to make money, I would need huge amounts of money upfront.

  1. Buy real estate and rent it out.... if you have $20,000 or more for a home deposit.
  2. Buy stocks and collect dividends… if you’ve got $100k or more to build a portfolio returning real money.
  3. Start Amazon FBA business? This requires that you spend a large amount of money up front on inventory… that might not even sell.
  4. Become a YouTube super star and get paid for millions of views… something only the top 1% achieve.

The list goes on… 

Until l found this much better way that doesn’t need tens of thousands of dollars, spending years building a real estate empire, getting into debt, slaving away at work, or letting the bank invest your money and pay you peanuts in return.

This way is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

If you haven't heard of it before, the concept of affiliate marketing is simple... you simply sell other people's products, the software or service of any online business. For every item you sell, you earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing has been made possible by the power of the Internet and has exploded over the past decade. Internet companies like ClickBank, and Amazon have wildly successful affiliate programs you can join and earn money from.

Amazon’s affiliate program, for example, lets you sell almost any of their products and get a commission for doing so. 

If you can build a successful affiliate marketing business online, You could possibly start to generate income.

This is How It All Works

The best part about this? You can do this…

● Without creating or having your own product

● Without huge upfront cost

● Without having inventory

● Without an email list

● Without a huge audience

● Without previous experience

 This is revolutionary! It works like this…

You join a network that has offers, you then get a pink you send traffic to and you make a commission every time you get a sale! 

How simple is that.

I honestly believe this is the best way to make money online in 2020 and beyond. Here are just a few payments I get on a monthly basis.

But if this is so simple, why do so many people get it wrong? Because when you look at how most people try to do this, they make it terribly confusing. 

If you follow the 3-simple steps that have been battle tested today, it becomes simple to understand and implement.

At this stage you might be thinking about the one thing that holds most people back, and that’s Fear, or maybe you have questions holding you back.

  • Where do you start?
  • What do you do?
  • Where do I find products?
  • What platforms do I use?

So if you can focus on the next online trainings, you will fully understand how to build your online business,make money online, and quit your 9-5 job.

What you will learn in next 3 lessons

  • Starting The Foundation: In this section you will learn how to start building the foundation. You will be introduced to affiliate marketing and have it explained to you in a way thats easy to understand. You will learn EXACTLY how to start affiliate marketing with NO experience even if you're a complete beginner.
  • Website Academy: Building the right affiliate marketing website or funnel is the key to success! In this section you will learn EXACTLY what you need to do to build your commission generating website. You will get access to training that shows you EXACTLY how to build your online asset! (Recommend)
  • Funnel Academy: You will lean how to integrate your affiliate marketing business into funnels and create high converting funnels that increase your affiliate sales. If you haven't heard of funnels where have you been? These are the way of the future and you need to learn about them now! I'll even throw in my best converting funnels for FREE!
  • Email Marketing Academy: Learn the automated email marketing systems that literally print you money without your time and effort. You will learn how to setup a system that will allow you to promote specific products to specific buyers automatically! Learn how to build a valuable asset that could be worth millions to you!


If you already have experience and know how to build sales funnel and website, then you can skip this course and go to the Free Course to  start Traffic Academy(Free Traffic and Paid Traffic).

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Course Structure

3 Step Online Blueprint

The 3 step blueprint you'll ever need to start an online business.

Step #1 Choose The Niche And Find Right Products

Finding the right product to promote is critical and I see people the mistake of choosing the WRONG product all the time.


Step #2 Sales Funnel Academy(Free Exclusive Bonuses!)

You will learn how to integrate your affiliate marketing business into sales funnels and create high converting sales funnels that increase your affiliate sales. If you haven't heard of funnels, These are the way of the future and you need to learn about them now.