Make Money Online Fast In 2020 With NO Website! (Email Marketing) 

By  Kevin

I always talk about free ways to make money online, start your blog, and spend a lot of time developing your blog.

But what about fast ways to earn an income? 

In this tutorial, l will show you the correct way to make money online fast with email marketing and affiliate marketing. Not like other wrong courses, many people make a big mistake to waste their money to help the advertiser make money.

Stay focus on the post.

If you want to make money online fast you need quick traffic that will buy from you. When I first started trying to make some cash online I always tried with free traffic. I think if you want to do this fast in 2020 you need paid traffic.

The first thing you need to do if you want to make money online fast with this method is to join an affiliate program and find an affiliate marketing product.l recommend Clickbank which is one of the largest affiliate networks which focus on digital products.

Find a popular product and get an affiliate link. When someone buys the product, you can earn a commission from it. The difficult thing about making money online fast is getting traffic.

Social Media Ads

The most common paid traffic is social media ads.

Advertising on social media is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get paid traffic. Because you can immediately get your affiliate product in front of eyeballs interested in your industry.

However, it does cost money (you can start with a few dollars a day).

Success in social media advertising relies on targeting the right people to see your ads.

The most popular social media platform:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

l prefer Pinterest Ad because it is effective and cheaper.

Before we creating Pinterest Ad, we should create a beautiful pin at first.

l recommend free platform Canva, they provide lots of free Pinterest design templates, you only need to edit them without any skills.

Or you can try Canva pro free for 30 days, it can save your time with more premium templates and photos.

Once you creating a beautiful and attractive pin, you can upload it to Pinterest.

Error Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Now the most important thing is coming. Many people who want to make money from affiliate program just upload pin with their affiliate link.

They think when people click the affiliate link, somebody will buy the product, then they can make a commission. 

But in most cases, when considering your advertisement cost, you can just make a little money, even you will lose your money if the product is not good or funnel page is not attractive. 

You just make money for the vender of product instead of yourself.

Correct Email Marketing Strategy

The correct way is building a landing page which we also call a bridge page, then provide something value for free, people always like free product. Then you collect email from the target audience and start your email marketing.

If some people are not interested in this product, you can still promote other relevant affiliate products in the future.

For example, you choose to promote a woodworking plan like this. This product is popular in Clickbank, and its Conversion is high(you can sort by Gravity to find high Conversion product).

Then you can build a beautiful landing page with GetResponse like this.

GetResponse is a great Email Marketing tool which provides landing page, Marketing automation, email analytic, and everything you need.

If you want to start your business without a website, Email Marketing Software is necessary. Getresponse is powerful and friendly to use. You can see the review here.

You can choose a download page from the landing page template like this, then provide valuable content that is related to your product for free, like the article, ebook, video. 

You can use PLR content for this step. (Get free PLR content here, or spend $5 on Fiverr to get huge of PLR content.)

When people fill their email, sending valuable content, then redirect them to your affiliate link.

The great thing is you create an email list that targets your audience, 

then you can send email to them with your email marketing strategy, but notice that you shouldn’t spam, people can unsubscribe at any time.

The next step is building a Marketing Automation like this

Congratulations, You can promote different products automatically with this track.

Finally, after uploading the pin with your download page link, you should create a Pinterest Ad to promote your pin.

Pinterest Ad Strategy

Click the create ad button in the top left corner on Pinterest.  Then you can name your ad, we go ahead to the next step.  The most important setup is ad strategy, you should select the interests, in this case, we choose woodworking, then we need to add keywords, this is necessary. 

Pinterest suggests you should add a minimum of 25 keywords for the best result.

Now you need to do keyword research. 

Pinterest is different from other social media platforms, Pinterest is social media with a search engine like Google. You should use the keyword tool to find many keywords related to your affiliate product and niche.

There are some free keyword tools to use: Google TrendUbersuggestPinterest Trend.

The final step is to set up the ages, locations, languages, and devices.

The location we recommend Top 5:US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

Make Money Online Fast

It’s ready to launch your Pinterest ad. 

You can start with your strategy that costs just $5-$10 a day. You also can try different Pins to run ad.

Once you find an advertisement that’s working. Money is coming to you.

This is a way to make money online fast with paid traffic.

If you want more free traffic to make money fast, try this amazing system with the total training here.


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